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  • Heracles-FC Groningen 1-0

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

20 'Referee Jannick van der Laan stops the game because from nowhere a Roman candle lands in the corner of the field in Stadium Galgenwaard and causes some smoke.

Apparently there are some FC Utrecht supporters outside who want to follow the game from the corners of the stadium.

in 4 days

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

15 'Adrián Dalmau is close to 2-1 for FC Utrecht.

Again it is Adam Maher who puts the ball on the head of the Spanish striker, but his header goes a meter wide of the goal of PEC goalkeeper Xavier Mous.

There is no shortage of entertainment in the Galgenwaard Stadium.

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

Sander van de Streek (3) has now scored more often in the Eredivisie in 2021 than in the whole of 2020 (2).

With his fifth goal of the season, he dethrones Mimoun Mahi as club top scorer at FC Utrecht.

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

4 'GOAL PEC Zwolle!


What is happening in the Galgenwaard Stadium?

Virgil Misidjan dances like a ballerina past three defenders of FC Utrecht and slides the ball from the back line through the inside of the post behind FC Utrecht goalkeeper Eric Oelschlägel.

This gem of a goal brings PEC Zwolle on a level with FC Utrecht within two minutes.

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

2 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


What a dream start for FC Utrecht at home against PEC Zwolle!

Adam Maher found Sander van de Streek's head with an indirect free kick and de Barnevelder headed the ball impeccably behind the hopeless goalkeeper Xavier Mous.

The Domstadelingen couldn't start better.

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days


The ball rolls in Utrecht.

Can the local FC book the fourth victory in a row against PEC Zwolle?

in 4 days

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

The players of FC Utrecht and PEC Zwolle descend the stairs of Stadium Galgenwaard.

The game in Utrecht is about to begin.

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

For PEC Zwolle player Rico Strieder, the game with FC Utrecht is a reunion with his former employer.

The German midfielder played 87 Eredivisie matches for the Domstedelingen from 2015 to 2019, scoring three goals.

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

The view in the Eredivisie now goes to FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle, where the first whistle sounds at 6.45 pm.

The Domstedelingen can book the fourth Eredivisie victory in a row in-house and thus connect with seventh place, which leads to play-offs for European football.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

Burgzorg gives Heracles victory over Groningen

Delano Burgzorg is once again the goldcrest at Heracles Almelo.

The left winger gives coach Frank Wormuth's team the three points against FC Groningen by scoring the only goal of the match in the first half.

Burgzorg is thus accurate for the Almeloers for the fourth consecutive game.

FC Groningen is still close to the equalizer in the final phase, but Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich keeps his goal clean.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

87 'It is the wife and children first at Heracles Almelo, which earlier in the match failed to make the 2-0 and can just get the lid on the nose by FC Groningen.

The formation of trainer Danny Buijs puts the home team with their back to the wall.

in 4 days

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

85 'What an imposed chance for Jørgen Strand Larsen on the 1-1.

The FC Groningen striker only shows up for Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich and waits until the ball is comfortably on his foot, but he shoots hard over.

This should have been the equalizer.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

Another fifteen minutes to play at Erve Asito and the pressure from FC Groningen on the goal of Heracles Almelo is increasing by the minute.

Will the home team hold their own with the 1-0 lead in the pocket?

Or will FC Groningen come alongside?

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

75 'Out of nowhere FC Groningen puts the unleashed home team with its back to the wall and that again almost leads to the 1-1.

Substitute Thijs Dallinga gives Mo El Hankouri's cross too little direction to make it difficult for Heracles keeper Janis Blaswich.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

74 'On the other hand, FC Groningen is close to 1-1 for the first time in this match.

Beach Larsen hits the ball while sliding at the far post, but is unable to direct his effort.

Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich is relieved.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

73 'Again Sergio Padt keeps FC Groningen going against Heracles Almelo!

The goalkeeper turns a bet by Delano Burgzorg with his feet after the left winger puts his direct attacker on the wrong foot with a false shot.

in 4 days

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

69 'Silvester van der Water has to hand over the ball to the completely detached Delano Burgzorg, but the right winger sees his colleague on the left flank too late and loses the ball in a valuable place.

Heracles Almelo fails to decide the game with FC Groningen.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

Danny Buijs's voice blares continuously across the field at Erve Asito and that is necessary, because FC Groningen cannot get a grip on Heracles Almelo.

It is more a question of waiting for the 2-0 for the home team than the 1-1.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

55 'Sergio Padt keeps FC Groningen in the match!

The goalkeeper gracefully taps a header from Lucas Schoofs over the crossbar from a corner.

FC Groningen is not involved at all against Heracles Almelo.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

53 'Giacomo Quagliata claims a penalty when he goes down after a charge by a FC Groningen defender, but referee Pol van Boekel gestures to keep playing.

It takes more to get a penalty.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days


The ball rolls again in Almelo for the second half of Heracles-FC Groningen.

Will the home team take the 1-0 lead over the line?

Or will FC Groningen fight back from a backlog?

in 4 days

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

Heracles won only three of the last six home matches in the Eredivisie in which it went to rest with a lead (W3-G1-V2).

FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle · in 4 days

After a miserable start, FC Utrecht has found its way up in the Eredivisie and underlined its excellent form last Wednesday with a great victory over AZ.

Will the team of trainer René Hake book its fourth league victory at home against PEC Zwolle?

At 6.30 pm the ball rolls in the Galgenwaard Stadium.

Line-up FC Utrecht: 


Ter Avest, St. Jago, Janssen, Warmerdam;

Maher, Van de Streek, Van Overeem;

Church, Dalmau, Boussaid.

PEC Zwolle setup: 


Van Wermeskerken, Van Polen, Kersten, Nakayama;

Lam, Strieder, Huiberts;

Misidjan, Buitink, Pherai.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days


What would Heracles Almelo be without Delano Burgzorg?

Asking the question is actually already answering it.

The left winger already piloted the team of trainer Frank Wormuth from the basement of the Eredivisie and is now also the guide against FC Groningen.

Thanks to a goal from the attacker, the dominant Heracles leads 1-0.

It is by no means boring at Erve Asito.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

45 + 1 'Again, Silvester van der Water breaks through on the left flank when Heracles Almelo lets the ball pass smoothly on its own artificial turf pitch.

The right winger curls the ball to goalkeeper Sergio Padt's top left corner, but misses direction.


Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

39 'Silvester van der Water has something very beautiful in mind, but this failed bicycle kick from the right winger of Heracles Almelo reaches the blooper overview rather than the compilation with the best actions of the season.

He kicks in a vacuum.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

Delano Burgzorg equals his personal goal record in an Eredivisie season with five hits.

He scored five times on behalf of De Graafschap in the 2018/2019 season.

He then needed 26 duels for that.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

30 'FC Groningen is clearly upset by the opening goal of Delano Burgzorg and is forced to go back against the unleashed Heracles Almelo.

Trainer Danny Buijs shouts out his lungs from the side, but his words are not yet heard by the players.

We have to wait for the 2-0.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

24 'GOAL Heracles Almelo!


Delano Burgzorg does it again for Heracles Almelo!

The left winger takes full advantage of Miguel Ángel Leal's error of judgment on a high pass by Robin Pröpper and scores for the home side for the fourth consecutive game.

FC Groningen has to chase.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

If supporters had been welcome at Heracles Almelo-FC Groningen this afternoon, they were probably on the edge of their seats with tension.

The teams prefer adventure to certainty and go hunting for goals in top gear, which results in an attractive match at Erve Asito.

It is that both keepers are having a good day, otherwise the spell would have been broken long ago on the Almelo artificial grass.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

20 'Jørgen Strand Larsen fails to give FC Groningen the lead against Heracles Almelo.

The Norwegian striker gets the ball on a silver platter and hits the foot of the unleashed Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich from close range.

It is a wonder that it is still 0-0 in Almelo.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

12 'After a weak start, FC Groningen is getting better in the match and that results in a predominance and rain of chances against Heracles Almelo.

Miguel Ángel Leal is tailor-made by Tomas Suslov and has to drop off at the detached Jørgen Strand Larsen, but the Spaniard decides to shoot himself.

And that turns out to be the wrong choice.

His bet goes high over the goal of Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich.

Larsen beach is garish.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

10 'For the first time, FC Groningen is making its mark on the artificial turf in Almelo.

Jørgen Strand Larsen, the man in shape, puts his foot against a free kick, but sees the ball end up against the billboards.

It doesn't make much difference.

It is not boring at Erve Asito.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

3 ' 


FC Groningen gets off very well there.

From an indirect free kick, Ismail Azzaoui taps the ball on the crossbar above FC Groningen goalkeeper Sergio Padt.

Heracles is furious from the starting blocks in Almelo.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days


The ball rolls in Almelo.

Will FC Groningen keep up with the subtop in the Eredivisie by winning against Heracles?

The answer will follow in just under two hours.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

This is the eightieth Eredivisie match for trainer Danny Buijs at FC Groningen.

He will be the seventh trainer to reach this number in the service of the 'Pride of the North'.

Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

Bram van Hintum shows his generous smile during the warming-up of FC Groningen prior to the meeting with Heracles Almelo.

Can the captain of the Groningers also laugh in less than two hours?

Eredivisie · in 4 days

For the sake of completeness: this is the score prior to round 20 in the Eredivisie.

  • Ajax 19-



  • PSV 19-



  • Vitesse 19-



  • AZ 19-



  • Feyenoord 19-



  • FC Groningen 19-



  • FC Twente 19-



  • FC Utrecht 19-



  • sc Heerenveen 19-



  • Sparta Rotterdam 19-



  • Heracles Almelo 19-



  • Fortuna Sittard 19-



  • VVV 19-



  • PEC Zwolle 19-



  • RKC Waalwijk 19-



  • ADO The Hague 19-



  • Willem II 19-



  • FC Emmen 19-


  • Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

    At Heracles Almelo, all the spotlight is on Delano Burgzorg.

    The 22-year-old left winger has already scored three games in a row for the Almelo players and has scored five goals this season.

    Can he find the net again this afternoon against FC Groningen?

    Heracles-FC Groningen · in 4 days

    First of all, the look goes to Heracles Almelo-FC Groningen, the battle between the numbers eleven and six of the Eredivisie.

    Visitors from the far north are still doing well with eight points from the last five games.

    The team of trainer Danny Buijs even has Feyenoord's fifth place in its sights.

    Heracles has slowly emerged from the valley and wants to make some more of the season.

    These are the



    Lineup Heracles Almelo: 


    Breukers, Rente, Pröpper, Quagliata;

    De la Torre, Azzaoui, Schoofs;

    Van der Water, Vloet, Burgzorg.

    Line-up FC Groningen: 


    Te Wierik, Itakura, Van Hintum;

    Leal, Lundqvist, D. van Kaam, Gudmundsson;

    Suslov, Larsen Beach, Da Cruz.

    Eredivisie · in 4 days

    The players have barely recovered from the weekday matches in the Eredivisie or a new round of play will arrive at the highest national football level this weekend.

    These matches are scheduled today:

    4:30 pm:

     Heracles-FC Groningen

    6:45 pm:

     FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle

    8:00 pm:


    9:00 pm: 


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