It was during Tuesday's quarterfinals in the Coppa Italia that Ibrahimovic and Lukaku ended up in a heated exchange of words after standing head to head.

In the TV pictures, Zlatan is heard saying "Go and do your voodoo shit, you little donkey" while Lukaku is heard talking about Zlatan's wife.

On social media, Ibrahimovic was accused of racism.

Partly for the word choice "donkey" (donkey) which many misinterpreted as "monkey" (monkey), partly for their voodoo comment.

But the latter move has its explanation in an old accusation that the Belgian had thrown over him a couple of years ago.

Then, according to Everton's majority owner Farhad Moshiri, he refused a new contract because he had received a "voodoo message".

Lukaku firmly denied it, but it obviously stuck with the Swede who shared a locker room with Lukaku at Manchester United 2017-18.

Zlatan: "We are all equal"

The day after the riot, Ibrahimovic speaks for the first time via a short post on Twitter where he writes:

"In Zlatan's world, there is no place for racism.

We all belong to the same race and we are all equal.

We are all players, some better than others ”.

The quarrel also dominated the sports pages of the Italian newspapers.

Among other things, Corriere dello Sport had a front page with the headline "Ibra-Lukaku: shameful".

The two stars meet again already on February 21 in the league game.

Milan currently tops the table two points ahead of arch-rivals.

LIST: Zlatan's crazy derby night

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List: Zlatan's crazy derby night