The Japan Sumo Association held a ranking meeting for the spring place in March, and of the 65 wrestlers who closed the first place due to the influence of the new corona virus, 50 wrestlers under the Makushita are ranked the same as the first place. I decided to leave it at.

On the other hand, regarding the 15 Sekitori, Judge Isegahama said, "We created the ranking while maintaining fairness. Specifically, we will understand the ranking." He expressed his intention to clarify it with the announcement of the ranking.

At the first place, the Kokonoe stable, Miyagino stable, and Tomozuna stable, including 15 wrestlers who were found to be infected and Sekitori who may have close contact based on the results of the PCR test performed just before the location. A total of 65 wrestlers took a rest from the first day.

On the 27th, the Japan Sumo Association held a Banzuke meeting in the spring of March at the Kokugikan in Tokyo, and as a result of discussing the treatment of wrestlers who were closed due to the influence of the new corona virus, it was the first time for 50 wrestlers under the Makushita. I decided to keep it in the same number as the place.

On the other hand, for 15 Sekitori with more than 10 cars, Judge Isegahama said, "For the Sekitori people, we created a ranking while maintaining the fairness of all the wrestlers who took a rest. I will do it. "

The Japan Sumo Association is planning to announce the numbering of spring places on the 1st of next month.