The Biathlon European Championships start with distance running for both the ladies and the men on Wednesday.

On the women's side, seven Swedes have been selected.

But in the distance race there is only room for six.

The new biathlete and championship debutant Stina Nilsson is the one who does not get a place.

But for the sprint that will be decided on Friday, Nilsson will start.

"We have 6 starting places today and 7 in the sprint, so Stina is charging for the sprint", writes the national team's sports manager Anna-Maria Uusitalo in a text message to SVT.

Elisabeth Högberg, Anna Magnusson, Ingela Andersson, Annie Lind, Ella Halvarsson and Emma Nilsson run the morning distance race.

SVT broadcasts Saturday's hunt starts from the championship.

CLIP: Personal best in the IBU Cup for Stina Nilsson (January 22):

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Stina Nilsson.

Photo: Bildbyrån.