They looked like two heavyweight boxers head to head before a fight, ready to hit any second.

Not just because of the size and weight of the two competitors.

In the match for the semi-finals of the Italian Football Cup between Inter Milan and AC Milan (2-1), the two superstars of their teams, the Belgian Romelu Lukaku (1.9 meters and 93 kilos) and the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic ( 1.95 meters and 95 kilos), with a score of 1-0 for AC shortly before the break.

Forehead to forehead, they faced each other, not just because of Corona, a gross violation of the rules.

Both saw the yellow card.

Lukaku will be missing in the next game.

Ibrahimovic saw a yellow-red in the 58th minute after a foul in midfield.

Why did the situation escalate?

As the "Gazzetta dello Sport" writes, Ibrahimovic Lukaku is said to have called a "little donkey" and he should also do "his voodoo crap".

The Belgian did not put up with that, replied: "Let's go in." Ibrahimovic replied: "Call your mother, call your mother."


At first the game went on for a few minutes, then it got even wilder.

When entering the cabin, the break whistle led to the formation of packs on the square.

Ibrahimovic left the pitch, but not without throwing a few words at his opponent's head.

Lukaku had to be held back by his teammates, yelled back.

Again, serious insults are said to have fallen on each other's mother.

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Lukaku was difficult to calm down, one after the other his teammates and coach Antonio Conte tried it.

Continuation of the guerrilla war

The feud has a long history.

It was only in October 2020 that Ibrahimovic shot against Lukaku on his social media channels after shooting his team to win against Inter with a brace.

“Milan never had a king, it has a god,” wrote the Swede - a message to Lukaku.


In his first time at AC (2010 - 2012) Ibrahimovic described himself as the "King of Milan".

Lukaku took this as an opportunity in February 2020 to tease Ibrahimovic.

After Inter 4: 2 in the derby, the Belgian striker posted: "There is a new king in town".

They both played together in a team at Manchester United, and they probably didn't get along well there either.

“Don't expect good technique from Lukaku.

His greatest strength is sheer power, "Ibrahimovic once said in an interview with an Italian newspaper:" At Manchester United I suggested him a bet. Every time he had accepted the ball sensibly, I would have given him 50 pounds. "

Lukaku scored to equalize

In terms of sport, Inter Milan was more lucky in the gripping city derby on Tuesday.

A late free-kick goal from Dane Christian Eriksen in stoppage time meant Inter won the game after being down at halftime.


During the hectic clash, AC had initially taken the lead through Ibrahimovic (31st).

But after the Swede was sent off the field, the game turned.

Lukaku scored the equalizer for Inter with a penalty (71.).

In the semifinals, the Conte team will meet the winner of the match between Juventus Turin and second division AC Spal Ferrara.

After his rival was sent off, Lukaku scored with a penalty to equalize

Source: pa / ZUMAPRESS.com / Spada

In Serie A, the two Milanese teams top the table.

Milan are the front runners with 43 points and two points ahead of Inter.