Video ... a bag that saves a skier from chasing a huge bear

The Romanian news site Digi24 published video clips taken by Romanians and tourists that showed a skier miraculously escaping the chase of a huge bear.

The site said that the incident witnessed a skiing place in the resort "Predel" a few days ago, where a young skier, a tourist who had recently come to Romania, was surprised by a bear chasing him very quickly, while the audience was asking the skier to hurry and warn him that a bear was behind him.

And the skier was able to escape from the airship by throwing his bag, which made the bear preoccupied with it and stop the chase, while the police and rescue cars immediately descended, which frightened the bear, and pushed it towards the forest.

Rescue officials appreciated what the young man had done, and said that his quick thinking of throwing the bag saved his life, because the bear would not leave him as long as he started chasing him.

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