On Tuesday, the Swedish team was presented for the Junior WC (U20) in length.

The squad for the U23 WC where, among others, Ebba Andersson achieved great success last year will be presented next week.

- It was uncertain in the end if we could conduct some competition for the juniors.

But at short notice, together with Järpens SK and Åsarna, we got to two observation competitions after New Year, national team coach Andreas Domeij says in a press release.


Tilda Bångman, Offerdals SK 

Märta Rosenberg, Duveds IF 

Lisa Ingesson, Strömnäs GIF Ski Club 

Lisa Eriksson, Strömnäs GIF Ski Club 

Moa Hansson, Landsbro IF SK 

Elin Andersson, We Sports Club 


Edvin Anger, Åsarna IK 

Truls Gisselman, Rehns BK 

George Ersson, IF Strategist 

Emil Danielsson, Högbo GIF 

Nils Bergström, Rehns BK