Suwon FC, a pro soccer promotion team, is a hot topic with'Storm recruitment' ahead of the new season.

It has become a truly'new team' by recruiting 19 people, equivalent to 3 minutes 2 of the squad.

This is Ha Seong-ryong.


In the second division playoffs last year, Ahn Byung-jun's theater goal confirmed the second promotion in the history of Suwon FC's Seogwipo Field Training Center.

In order not to step on the relegated train in one year after the first promotion in 2015, a new Suwon FC was created by recruiting 19 people.

[Kim Do-kyun/Suwon FC Director: (Relegation) The biggest thought is not to repeat the pain.

I would like to challenge the 6th round (upper split) once.]

Last season, Ahn Byeong-jun, the top scorer in the second division, recruited veterans from the national team such as Yang Dong-hyun, Park Joo-ho, and Lee Young-jae to strengthen their power.

[Yang Dong-hyun/Suwon FC attacker: I saw (good) players being recruited one by one, and I was convinced that I could become an offensive team in a better direction...


Among the 11 best players, only goalkeeper Yoo-hyun and midfielder Kim Gun-woong will remain the players who played last year.

The defensive line with Park Joo-ho, Yoon Young-sun and Park Ji-soo is considered to be the top of the K-League.

[Park Joo-ho/Suwon FC defender: As you can see, it looks like they're squashing each other in a very noisy and good atmosphere.]

Suwon FC, who has been reborn as a new team by changing two-thirds of the squad, is dreaming of a delightful revolt of the promoted team this season.

(Video coverage: Choi Hojun, video editing: Nam Il)