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baseball world is bustling with E-Mart's acquisition of SK Wyverns.

E-Mart, which acquired the SK club for KRW 135.2 billion, announced aggressive investments such as promoting the construction of a dome stadium.

This is Lee Sung-hoon.


Shinsegae Group's E-Mart officially announced that it has signed an MOU with SK Telecom to acquire the baseball team.

The acquisition cost is KRW 135 billion, including the purchase of land and buildings in the district of Ganghwa-do District 2 with the stock of KRW 100 billion.

The E-Mart baseball team has decided to maintain its connection to Incheon, and hire all the players and the front desk.

It is expected to be launched in March after approval of the KBO general meeting.

[Shinsegae Group Officials: We have already formed a working team to prepare for the foundation, and are preparing to prevent any setbacks in time for the start of the season, and sooner or later we will also confirm the club name, emblem, and character.]

E-Mart is aggressively promoting the construction of the dome stadium in the long term He expressed his ambition to strengthen fan service through investment and contribute to the development of baseball.

Meanwhile, Shinsegae is not expected to sell 14.5% of Samsung Lions' shares.

According to the KBO rules, one club cannot own shares of another club, but KBO interpreted the vote that there was no problem because E-Mart, which acquires Wyverns, and Shinsegae, which holds Lions shares, are different corporations.

SK, who has left baseball after 21 years since its founding after winning four Korean Series titles, said goodbye to fans and announced that it would try to foster amateur sports in the future.