SK Wyverns, a professional baseball that disappears into history, leaving behind the flashy past, delivered a final greeting to the fans.

On the 26th, SK Telecom posted'SK Telecom's Posts to Fans' through SK Wyverns' official Facebook page.

It was shortly after Shinsegae Group E-Mart officially announced that it would take over 100% of SK Wyverns, owned by SK Telecom, for KRW 135.58 billion.

SK Telecom said, "21 years have passed since we founded a new professional baseball team named'SK Wyverns' in March 2000 and met our fans for the first time." "SK Telecom was full of passion and love from fans. "I have chosen a way to cherish every moment as a precious memory, contribute to the development of Korean professional baseball, and take a new challenge for a leap forward in Korean sports," he said goodbye.

Founded in 2000, SK Wyverns entered the Korean Series eight times in 21 years, including four Korean Series championships.

It is a prestigious club that produced top-notch star players in Korea, including Kim Kwang-hyun, who entered the major league last year, Kim Won-hyung, Park Kyung-wan, and Choi Jeong.

SK Telecom also explained the background of the sale of SK Wyverns to Shinsegae Group.

SK Telecom said, "In the process of receiving and reviewing the proposal to acquire SK Wyverns from Shinsegae Group, we confirmed that Shinsegae Group's passion and will for baseball are high." We sympathized with the fact that when we meet, we can provide new value to our fans.”

“Shinsegae Group will present unprecedented new experiences to fans through baseball based on the diverse experiences it has accumulated as a lifestyle design company.” We expect to make efforts to develop excavation and improve facilities to improve the skills of the athletes.”

In addition, even if the right to operate the club is transferred, the area connected to Incheon will be maintained, and SK Telecom confirmed that the team and the front will be 100% employed.

SK Telecom said, "Now, we will try to expand the base of Korean sports and strengthen global competitiveness in a new position. We will make use of the experience that has achieved good results in many international competitions through support for sports. He emphasized, "We will work hard to raise the level of Korean sports by using our know-how to find various support methods for balanced sports development."

SK Telecom said, "We once again thank the fans who have cherished SK Wyverns and ask for the continued interest and love of our fans for the new club." There will be, and we will continue to do our best to achieve the goal of winning.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)