Home skier Manuel Feller led after the first run but drove out in the second.

Instead, it was another Austrian, Marco Schwarz, who won tonight's competition in Schladming.

Schwarz had the second best second ride.

But they were enough for a victory tonight and his second slalom victory in the World Cup this season.

He will be the first skier to take two slalom victories this season.

- I had to run a full attack in the second run because I knew the other guys would do it.

It went well in the second run, I am very good.

It's just a shame that there is no audience here, says the Austrian after the competition.

The fastest in the second run was the evening's third Alexis Pinturault, who drove up from eleventh place to third.

It also became French in second place in the form of Clement Noel.

The victory extends Schwarz's lead in the slalom cup.

No Swedish further

It was quite tough conditions on the slopes with heavy snowfall and 27 of the 71 starting skiers drove out in the first run.

None of the competition's three Swedes advanced to the second race.

Kristoffer Jakobsen drove out.

So did William Hansson.

Tobias Hedström who started as 69th drove in as 36th and missed the second run.

Two slalom competitions await this weekend in Chamonix, France.

CLIP: Jakobsen left again

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New incident for Kristoffer Jakobsen