It has been two days since Russian Alexander Bolshunov first hit Finnish Joni Mäki with the stick in the riot and then drove right into him after the finish.

The incident has caused irritation in the Finnish camp and wants the International Ski Federation (Fis) to investigate the incident further.

"I repent"

Yesterday, the Russian Federation apologized for the incident.

"Hostility is not part of the Russian team's mentality and we see great value in fair play," the Russian Federation wrote in a statement.

Today, Bolshunov also speaks.

Do you regret?

Asks NRK.

- Obvious.

I understand that it was not right to do what I did.

I regret it and will not do it again, says Bolshunov to NRK.

"I just wanted to talk to him"

But the Russian believes that the skis were fast and that it was not at all the intention to go right into him. 

- When I drove over the line, I wanted to talk to Mäki about what happened before the finish line and why he did as he did.

The skis were very fast.

It was not my intention to drive right into him, I just wanted to talk to him, he says and continues.

- I do not think that Mäki played a "fair game".

He deliberately blocked me.

PICTURE BY PICTURE: That's why Bolshunov went insane in the men's relay

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Picture by picture: That's why Bolshunov went insane in the men's relay Photo: SVT