The Russian side has announced that it will not appeal to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court on the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which banned the Russian team from participating in major international competitions over the next two years due to systematic doping.

As a result, the Russian team will be excluded from the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Regarding the systematic doping problem by Russia, WADA = World Anti-Doping Agency has been declining, and in December, the Russian side falsified and submitted the athlete's inspection data, and Russian athletes to major international competitions such as the Tokyo competition We have decided to ban the participation of the team for four years and to allow only athletes who meet strict conditions to participate in the Tokyo tournament with individual qualifications.

The Russian side was dissatisfied with the disposition, and CAS arbitration was held. Last month, CAS ruled that it was appropriate to shorten the disposition period to two years.

The Russian side can appeal this ruling to the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, but the RUSADA = Russian Anti-Doping Agency decided on the 25th, "We will not appeal the interests of Russian athletes and sports first. This is the end of the dispute, and we will continue to work with WADA to regain our qualifications, "and decided not to appeal.

This confirms that the Russian team will be excluded from the Tokyo tournament.

On the other hand, athletes who meet strict conditions can participate as "neutral athletes" with individual qualifications.

By accepting the ruling, the Russian side seems to want to reduce the initial four-year punishment to two years until the end of next year, minimizing the impact on young players.