Daieishō Hayato, who won his first victory at the first place of sumo wrestling, met at the dawn of Chiakiraku and said, "I'm happy that my dream has come true. I want to continue to do my best."

In the first place, while both yokozuna were absent, Daieishō Hayato, the leader of the front, defeated all three wrestlers in a unique push sumo wrestler and won the first victory with 13 wins and 2 losses.

Daieishō is from Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, and this is the first time that a sumo wrestler from Saitama Prefecture has won the championship.

On the 25th, one night after Chiakiraku, Daieishō met online from the Oitekaze-beya in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, saying, "Winning is a dream story in a dream. I couldn't think of myself. However, my biggest goal. I'm glad I was able to achieve it because it was, "he said.

Regarding the sumo wrestling in the first place, "I was glad that I was able to attack without rest because there was an angle and sharpness in the stepping on the witness, and the rotation of the thrust was good. It was important at the end of the game, but I thought I'd get rid of my sumo wrestling. "

In addition, about 400 messages celebrating the victory arrived on the mobile phone, "I realized that the influence of the victory is really great. I have to thank the many people who support me on a daily basis. I said.

For the future, he strongly stated his aspirations, "I want to stay calm and work hard toward my place of arrival. I want to steadily achieve my goals one by one. First, I want to aim for a win in Sekiwake." It was.