client, January 25th, in the early morning of the 25th, the 20th round of the 2020-2021 season La Liga continued. Atletico Madrid reversed Valencia 3:1 at home and took the lead with seven consecutive victories.

Barcelona defeated Elche 2-0 and rose to third in the standings.

Valencia scored the first goal.

  In the 10th minute of the match between Atletico Madrid and Valencia, Racic shot the world wave with a bow and arrow from the top of the penalty area. The ball went straight to the dead corner and Valencia took the lead.

In the 22nd minute, Atletico Madrid took a corner kick from the right, Felix grabbed a shot from behind, Domenech pounced the ball, but failed to prevent the ball from reaching the net, Atletico Madrid tied the score.

Atletico Madrid tied the score.

  In the 53rd minute, Atletico Madrid counterattacked. Felix moved forward to the left side of the penalty area. Suarez inserted a small angle and shot the far corner. The ball hit the post and bounced into the net.

Atletico takes the lead

  In the 72nd minute, Carrasco went straight, Llorente knocked back the triangle on the right side of the penalty area, and Correa followed up and scored easily.

After the whole game, Atletico Madrid reversed Valencia 3:1.

Atletico secures the victory

  In the match between Barcelona and Elche, in the 38th minute, Breiswaite made a pass from the left, Griezmann outflanked the goal, and De Jong followed up with a shot.

Easy side to fight again, Barcelona continued to launch an offensive, in the 54th minute, Pedri picked a pass, and Griezmann jumped in and shot high.

Barcelona scores the first goal

  In the 55th minute, Barcelona's defense was intercepted by a mistake, Rigoni pushed the ball and Ter Stegen saved bravely.

In the 88th minute, De Jong made a strong breakthrough from the right to the right of the penalty area and then picked a pass. Phuket, who came off the bench, scored a header and scored the first goal for Barcelona's first team.

After the whole game, Barcelona beat Elche 2:0 away.

Barcelona expands the score

  After this round, Atletico Madrid, which currently has one game less, led the standings with 7 points, Real Madrid ranked second, and Barcelona, ​​which had recently recovered, rose to third place.