Rudi Garcia made derby history with OL.



Many Lyon supporters tore their hair out on Sunday evening when it was an evening to enjoy life.

The reason ?

The conservatism of Rudi Garcia, who waited until the very last moments to make his changes (85th minute), while the derby score was acquired and some young people from the training center (Cherki, Bard, Gusto) pawed on the bench and that the usual tauliers were absent (Aouar, Cornet, Paqueta).

There was a real wolf down there, and the Lyon coach explained it at a press conference: “One, because those who were on the pitch deserved to stay.

I was even ready to go with the same to the end.

Two, because I was not happy with the newcomers in the last game.

This is also a message that I sent to the group.

"Reference, no doubt, to the lack of combativeness of Cherki after the loss of the ball which led to the goal in Metz last Sunday (0-1).

The Lyon coach still reviewed his judgment on the end: "Finally, I think it was good then not to take damaging cards for the future, hence the outings of Thiago Mendes, Léo Dubois and Bruno Guimaraes, explained Rudi Garcia.

I am giving you in a very honest way the reasons why the changes took place very late, which is not my habit.

And not at all calculated, especially, eh Roudi?


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