It was when Joni Mäki stepped in front of Alexander Bolshunov on the goal rake that Bolshunov first hit the Finn with the stick before driving into him after the finish.

The Russian team was eliminated from the competition, but Bolshunov has not received any further personal punishment.

- We want to know what Fis thinks about this.

Is this okay and will they do something, says the Finnish Federation's press officer Soili Hirvonen to NRK.

Norwegian Vegard Ulvang, who heads the length committee in Fis, sees some possible consequences of a Fis investigation.

- The jury's work is complete after the official result lists have been published.

One possibility is that it is taken up by our appeals board.

They can give a more severe punishment and, for example, suspend the practitioner over a certain period.

Or the Fis Council, the highest instance, can act on its own, he says.