One of the best football clubs of all time may be on its way to the brink of ruin.

FC Barcrlona, ​​which among other things has won the Spanish league 26 times and the Champions League five, has almost SEK 12 billion in debt.

This is stated in the club's latest annual report, which various Spanish media have read.

Large debts to other clubs

Several media now write that Barcelona risks bankruptcy.

Of these SEK 12 billion, just under 2.7 will be paid to various banks by 30 June.

It writes the newspaper El Mundo.

Another large part of the debt, almost 2 billion, is to other clubs.

Among other things, they owe Ajax almost SEK 500 million for Frenkie de Jong.

Violates league rules

The annual report shows that the club's revenue fell by 14 percent last year.

Expenditure did not fall at the same rate at all.

They decreased by only two percent.

It is also noteworthy that the players' salaries correspond to 74 of the club's income, which is four percentage points above the 70 percent that is the maximum, according to the league's rules.

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Who is really the best of Messi and Ronaldo