A strong-language statement by the organizers of the World Cup in Egypt ... 12 cases of food poisoning!

The Slovenian Handball Federation on Monday denounced the "unfair" Egyptian organization of the world championship, as it put it, after 12 of its players were subjected to food poisoning on the day of the decisive match with the host national team, according to a statement issued after being excluded from the main round.

"We are not satisfied with the unfair organization of this year's tournament in Egypt," Secretary-General Goran Cjic wrote after a 25-25 draw with Egypt and exclusion from the main round by a point from the host.

"About 12 players! Of our national team were exposed to food poisoning in the 24 hours leading up to our match with Egypt," the statement added, adding that the Egyptian organizers "did not care much" about the issue.

"The young men were crying out in pain, vomiting and running to the bathroom as if their lives depended on it," said Al-Ittihad, whose team reached the semi-finals of the European Cup 2020.

The Slovenes stayed in one hotel with the teams of Egypt, Denmark, Sweden and other teams in a hotel in central Cairo, within a health bubble due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus.

In this nineteenth century palace, teams share the same dining area but each have their own hall and a different table.

And the Slovenian Federation added, "Shortly before the match, he stretched out in the dressing rooms of the Plage Blagutenschek, our biggest and strongest player, because of the strong pains and collapsed to the point that we returned him to the hotel," noting also the absence of the players Stash Skopje and Dragan Gaic for the same reason.

"After the match and submitting a detailed report on the health of the players, the Egyptian Ministry of Health contacted us," the statement concluded, noting that no radical decisions were taken due to the way the International Handball Federation, headed by Egyptian Hassan Mustafa, works.

Slovenia had hoped to play the role of the dark horse, but the 25-25 draw with Egypt deprived it of the opportunity to qualify for the quarter-finals.

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