SV Sandhausen did not reap anything on the last day of the match and emerged 3-1 as the loser in the duel with SSV Jahn Regensburg.

In the first duel, at 3-2, one more goal tipped the balance in favor of Sandhausen.

While the attack division proves to be accurate with 27 goals, SV Darmstadt 98's defense is still full of holes in view of 30 goals conceded.

Darmstadt's home balance sheet can be expanded.

Only eight points were taken from seven home games.

The team from Hessen struggled to win recently.

There was not one victory in three games.

In the opponent's place, the SVS still has room for improvement, which underlines the balance of only three points.

17:34 - the goal difference of the guest speaks a more than clear language.

The previous earnings of the team from Coach Michael Schiele expressed in numbers: four wins, two draws and ten defeats.

The last few appearances were meager.

From the last five games, SV Sandhausen only got the optimal yield once.


The tabular difference is small, the two teams are only separated by four points.

Sandhausen could not attest a lazy pace in the season so far.

45 yellow cards show that the SVS did not act carefully.

The omens indicate an even game.

In any case, a favorite cannot be determined.

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