Mohamed Salah, top scorer in the English Premier League ... is being criticized from 4 sides!

It seems that the top scorer of the English Liverpool team, Egyptian Mohamed Salah, is the top scorer in the world’s league. It is not enough for the player to be away from the circle of constant criticism, and every week we find the player in trouble in front of endless criticism, whether in England or in Egypt.

And Mohamed Salah had recently won the award for best player in the Liverpool team during the month of December, after he helped lead his team to the top of the league before the results deteriorated significantly, leaving the team at the top and moving away to fourth place by 6 points, which increased the criticism directed at the team. And the player.

Away from the team’s position, we find the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, always in the crosshairs of criticism, but the player deals with this attack by not paying attention to it many times, but on some occasions the player appears to respond in one way or another that also excites the audience, and perhaps including what happened from the Sky network English Sports "some time ago, when the newspaper asked about the possibility of selling the Liverpool team to the goal of his team, Mohamed Salah, and the player was doing well during this period, so that the player's response to the news was laughing signs on the newspaper's website on social media.

The Egyptian player is exposed to criticism every week, which is mostly directed at him from one of the following authorities, the English press, through some newspapers that focus on the player greatly, especially if he does not succeed in leading a team to victory or causes a loss of victory, the newspapers will not always forgive that What you attack.

Liverpool fans: There is a large group of fans who criticize the player in every match for what they call "selfish" from the player in matches and deliberately not passing to his teammates, due to his desire to win the top scorer title.

Liverpool myths: Former Liverpool legend Jimmy Carragher was the last former player to criticize the Egyptian star in his last matches, and Salah is always in the crosshairs of criticizing these players because he succeeded and wrote his name in the records of the oldest club's history in Britain.

And the last of the fronts that criticized Salah in the midst of this attack, is the Egyptian media when the former Vice President of the Football Association and the current media, Ahmed Schubert, criticized the player Mohamed Salah, for the latter's failure to conduct any interview or meeting with Egyptian media and the player's reliance only on foreign meetings and conversations with European media.

The last press statement by Mohamed Salah to his club, Liverpool, was when he was honored with the December award as the best player in the team, where he said: "Thank you very much, it is good, but we have to win future matches. We are not living a good time now, but we must focus on what is coming."

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