For a remarkable reason, former cyclist Tara Gins is not going to work as a sports director for a men's team.

The thirty-year-old Belgian, who does not mention the name of the cycling team, says via Instagram that she has been refused due to an 'inappropriate photo shoot'.

Gins, who himself has had a short career as a professional, was already active as a sports director for the small Belgian women's team S-Bikes AGU and also the race director at the female edition of Driedaagse Brugge-De Panne.

This year she would work as a sports director in a men's team.

"That is something that I am really looking forward to, because that is the direction I want to take," Gins writes on Instagram.

"But apparently someone has made a problem of a photo in a book of mine. I don't mind now that it is canceled. It's probably for the better. herd walk along. "

According to Gins, this is a "professional photo shoot", which means that she is no longer welcome as a sports director in the men's team.

"Yes, it was an income. But apparently that photo shoot is too inappropriate to be allowed to work with riders. Apparently a photo is more important than capabilities or experience."

Former Belgian Pro rider Tara Gins joins Torelli -Assure-Madison as Director Sportive for the Omloop van de Westhoek in Belgium


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'I was literally assaulted'

Gins also discusses the "double standard" in the cycling world and indicates that she has experienced a lot as a female cyclist in the field of sexual harassment.

"I was literally assaulted," continues Gins.

"A mechanic once crawled into the shower with me after training. I was kissed by staff members without me wanting to. I had to push those people away from me. I got inappropriate comments from a sports director who said I looked horny."

"I went against all those things and pushed everything away from me. I tried to solve everything in my own way. That makes it even more frustrating that my chances are now being taken away by jerks who apply double standards. stopped racing and wants to continue doing my thing and get opportunities. Unfortunately, as a man you can do a little more in the world. "