Skeleton's representative Yoon Seong-bin won the silver medal in the 7th World Cup due to a slight difference. Following last week's bronze medal, we have achieved valuable achievements in two consecutive competitions.

This is Kim Young-seong.


Yoon Seong-bin ended the start in 4 seconds 55, the fastest among the players in the first season.

With a smooth running, we reached number one by setting a new track record.

[49 seconds 90. Track record!]

Even in the 2nd season, Yoon Sung-bin started the fastest and was able to see the gold medal.

[Middle, middle, good!]

But in the last curve section, the acceleration decreased and eventually gave Germany's Gasner first place and won the silver medal with a difference of 0.04 seconds.

Still, Yoon Sung-bin showed off his health by winning medals for two weeks in a row, overcoming an 11-month practical gap due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

In particular, it proved again the world's top-class start-ability and ahead of the Beijing Olympics one year has increased for two consecutive hopes for Olympic gold

- yunseongbin / 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic skeleton gold: but long pushed to the unfortunate second place followed but in a good mood, even the next tournament I felt good to be able to go... .]

Sungbin Yoon will challenge the gold medal in the 8th round of the final match of the World Cup season in Austria on the 29th.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae)