Montler's jump of 8.06 in the first round, is one centimeter below the European Championship qualifying limit and will probably give him a ticket to the championships in Torun.

Montler continued to jump far in his season debut in length, even though he had some trampling on the road.

The last jump measured 8.05.

8.06 is also the fifth longest indoor jump by a Swedish jumper of all time and 16 centimeters from Montler's own personal record indoors.

Montler himself has made the second longest jump, 8.22 from Växjö during the last indoor season.

The Swedish indoor record is 8.30 by Michel Tornéus from 2015.

REPORTAGE: Long jump can give double gold at indoor European Championships (January 17, 2021)

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Thobias Montler and Khaddi Sagnia hope for gold in the European Championships in March.

Photo: Bildbyrån.