Swedish super promise Oliver Solberg has advanced from fifth to fourth place in the Monte Carlo rally's WRC2 class.

He started Saturday with a fourth best time on special stage nine.

On the stretch after that it did not go as well.

Solberg got a puncture already in the first corner and lost valuable time.

But he took it back with flying colors on Saturday's last leg - which he won, and also had the fifth best time overall of all drivers in the rally.

Matched everyone on the last leg

A great performance by Solberg - who was 15 seconds behind the distance winner Elfyn Evans and 22 seconds ahead of the supreme leader in the WRC2 class Andreas Mikkelsen on the distance.

Mikkelsen otherwise leads the class with a margin of over two minutes to second Adrien Fourmax.

Solberg is over three minutes behind Mikkelsen.

SVT expert Jonas Kruse was impressed with Solberg's driving.

- When it is true for Oliver Solberg, he is "inhumanly" fast on all surfaces given his young age and experience, says Kruse.

Kruse continues:

- Today there was some snow and ice on the stretches, which is what Oliver drove his tests on, he probably felt more at home here and could benefit from the experience from the tests.

- At the same time, it has been a tough but educational rally for Oliver, he has made his own small mistakes, screwed himself away from the settings, had a puncture.

But all this is really only good for him, as well as the challenging roads - he gathers invaluable experience that he lacks, says Jonas Kruse.