On the 23rd of the Ski Jumping Women's World Cup, the first match of a group of four people per team was held in Slovenia, and Japan, which was faced with members such as Sara Takanashi, was fourth.

For the first time this season, a group of jumping women was held at Ljubno, Slovenia, the World Cup for ski jumping women, which was held for the first time in about a month, and four athletes flew twice to compete for total points.

Japan was attended by four players, Sara Takanashi, Yuki Ito, Nozomi Maruyama, and Kaori Iwabuchi.

The competition was held at Normal Hill, and in Japan, the first and fourth Takanashi player flew 92 meters, which exceeds 85 meters of the K point, and returned in 4th place.

In the second time, each player did not extend the flight distance, and the fourth player, Takanashi, stayed at 90 meters, and the total points were 989.6, which was 4th place, which was 39.3 points lower than Austria, which was 3rd place.

The winner was local Slovenia and the second place was Norway.