The men's skiathlon came to a dramatic end when the Russian star Alexander Bolshunov fell with just over a kilometer left.

Emil Iversen won four hundredths before Sjur Røthe.

Pål Golberg was third.

- I was ready for attack, I knew that my teammates would also go for it.

But in the form I am in now, I knew they would not leave me, says Iversen after the race.

"You get proud"

It was for a long time a large cluster in the 30 km long race where several skiers took turns to pull.

At 25 kilometers, there were still 12 skiers within five seconds.

It was a clear Norwegian character with five Norwegian skiers among the seven best.

And in the last kilometers, it was Norway that pulled away.

They also received help when Aleksander Bolshunov fell and dragged Norwegian Hans Christer Holund with him in the fall.

In the finish, five Norwegians were in the top six.

- I was proud when I saw that it was me and four of my friends and a Russian at the end.

It's great to be back, says Iversen.

Burman best Swedish

Jens Burman, who was back after being pulled with back problems, made a strong effort and finished ninth.

Burman was forced to undergo back surgery and has not competed in the World Cup since March.

One who was missing in Lahti was the Norwegian star Johannes Kläbo who plans to return to the competitions in Falun next weekend.