The pictures were dramatic.

A betting Linus Persson landed badly and hit the back of the head on the floor - but continued to play.

It was only during the half-time break that Persson stepped down.

Since the team doctor Daniel Jerrhag is in quarantine in a hotel room, he was not present in the arena to examine Persson.

No other doctor either, for that matter.

Now the Swedish physiotherapists had to make the assessment.

- We have extremely skilled physiotherapists and physiotherapists, but it is not part of their education to diagnose concussions.

That's my job, says Jerrhag.

- I think it is completely crazy that physiotherapists, because that's how it works in the Handball League, should decide whether it is a concussion or not, Jerrhag says to SVT Sport.

Back no earlier than Friday

Persson has started the brain ladder and is up for a comeback no earlier than Friday.

The fact that he continued to play after the beating may mean that the rehabilitation is delayed.

- It is very difficult to say, but it is not optimal.

It is his first concussion and I have high hopes that it will resolve.

- With the results in hand, it is the case that he should have been picked off immediately, but you should also be aware that those sitting on the bench do not have access to reruns and the same angles as you have from the TV studio.

I would also like to point out that even though I have been on site, it is not certain that I have made a different assessment depending on what it looks like on site.

But with the result in hand, he would definitely have been picked off, says Jerrhag who is expected to be able to rejoin the team on Saturday.

CLIP: Persson broke the match after the nasty bang (January 22)

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Persson broke the match after the nasty bang