Roller derby requires significant equipment (illustration).


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  • The GoMyPartner application works with the “cashback” system, ie the reimbursement of a percentage of the amount of purchases.

  • The pot can then be used to pay equipment or membership fees to clubs.

When sport is no longer a question of money.

Who, at the beginning of the year, has never made the good resolution to start practicing physical activity?

And then, quickly, we find ourselves full of bad excuses to hide our laziness.

However, there are still some good reasons not to register in a room or in a club, such as the cost for example.

Well this is no longer true today, thanks to the GoMyPatner mobile application which allows you to finance all or part of your sports activity.

It is true that some sports cost little or nothing.

A good sustained walk requires only a suitable pair of shoes.

You can also exercise in your living room by replacing the weights with full water bottles.


However, many other activities require equipment, or even the payment of a registration when practiced in a club.

"I was confronted with this problem when it was necessary to pay the annual 800 euros for my daughter's riding club," recalls Sofiane Laurent, one of the three founders of GoMyPartner, based at Euratechnologies in Lille.

On average 250 euros recovered per year

And since there is no money under a horse's foot, he and his associates had the idea of ​​adapting the “cashback” system to the practice of sport.

To put it simply, when you buy something, a percentage of the amount paid goes automatically into a prize pool.

The start-up has created around 5,000 partnerships: “There is everything from clothing, supermarkets to catering.

The goal is for everyday purchases to contribute to the pot, ”explains Sofiane Laurent.

For one hundred euros spent with a partner, three euros are paid into the account of the user of GoMyPartner.

"We have observed that an average of 250 euros are thus recovered each year by each user", assures the co-founder.

Enough to fund certain activities and partially others.

Especially since the start-up has a very broad vision of sport.

“A user spent his kitty to partially pay for a small swimming pool so that his children can swim,” jokes Sofiane Laurent.

Our start-up file

However, we cannot do everything, even if the limits are flexible.

"Either we reimburse the purchases already made on proof, or the user pays directly via the application", specifies the co-founder.

What some consider a sport, such as hunting, will not be funded by the app.

On the other hand, eukonkanto (woman's carrying) or "swamp soccer" (foot in the mud), it's okay.


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