In mid-December, they asked themselves the coaching question in Dortmund: Does it make more sense to continue with Lucien Favre, the experienced but overly cautious strategist, or to bet on Edin Terzic, a young novice who promised attacking football?

The answer is known to be: Terzic.

Whether this was right or wrong can still not be answered - although three of the seven Bundesliga games have been lost since then.

But the question is not even relevant to the current problems facing Dortmund.

Because as long as mistakes are made, as they happen to Dortmund over and over again in the current season, it doesn't matter who sits on the bench or stands in front of her: an experienced rabbit like Favre, a young savage like Terzic or - who knows - maybe in Future of the current Gladbacher Marco Rose.

If a team is not in a position to get a reasonable protection against counterattacks or the simplest assignments in standard situations, no matter how much offensive potential they have - they will not be successful.


At 2: 4 in Mönchengladbach, Dortmund scored two fantastic goals, in which they dismantled the opposing defense in an exemplary manner.

They played brilliantly at times and put in an immense effort.

But they also managed the unheard-of feat of sleeping three times deeply in exactly those standard situations against an opponent who is known for his proven strength at resting balls.

It is not a question of tactics, strategy or system that BVB fails because of - it is the basics of football.

It's the basics that this team keeps forgetting.


Because the coach doesn't remind the players?


Like a prayer wheel, Favre had repeatedly pointed out deficits in defensive behavior.

It shouldn't be any different at Terzic.

No, it wasn't about the coach and it's not about the coach.

Favre may have been brainy.

But it wasn't because BVB didn't become champions in the past two seasons.

It was due to Bayern's strength, certainly - but also to the overconfidence of a team that gambled away a nine-point advantage in Favre's first season.

It was due to a lack of maturity.


Terzic may be inexperienced.

But it's not because too many players fail to concentrate fully on the moment - and that doesn't just apply to the youngsters.

If there is a corner for the opponent, then there must be no other thought than to defend that corner.

If you can't do that, you're in the wrong place with a Champions League contender - no matter how talented you are or how much you earn.

It is finally time that we no longer talk about coaches in Dortmund, but about the players.