On the 21st, the professional baseball team, Kiwoom Heroes, appointed Hong Won-ki, the head coach of the new command tower.

New coach Hong Won-ki took the lead of the hero corps with a total of 600 million won, including 200 million won per year in the contract period.

In a conversation with SBS, new coach Hong said, "I think it's an honor, but

it seems that responsibility is more intense than glory


" and "I will order accurate goal setting on the ground, and as a professional baseball player, I will order responsible action." Revealed.

In October of last year, former coach Sohn Hyeok suddenly resigned, leaving a leadership gap in Kiwoom.

The club gave an unprecedented greeting by seating QC coach Kim Chang-hyun, who lacks leadership experience, as the acting coach, but was eliminated in the wild card game and the breakout ended in failure.

To prepare for the new season, we had to appoint a new manager, but the staff began to twist as former CEO Ha Song stepped down for personal reasons.

Along with this, a number of controversies arose, including the suspicion of being beaten by Chairman Heo Min's so-called'baseball game', and the command tower vacancy lasted for 80 days.

Although the squad is expected to be shaken, new coach Hong Won-ki said there was no concern.

He said, "It's a lie if there's no agitation from the players in preparing for the season, but our club has settled in and is preparing personally and systematically. I also checked. It was noisy inside the club, but there are parts that I can do. There are parts that the club can do, so I think we can do our part faithfully."

Kiwoom's club has been suffering from various drafts, including the embezzlement of corruption by former CEO Jang-seok Lee and the controversy over the headlines of Chairman Heo Min.

In particular, the past managers struggled with invisible stress due to the on-site interference by the club's leadership.

New coach Hong Won-ki responded in a decisive tone when asked about his concerns about interfering with the leadership.

“I do not entirely agree with'front baseball' and'front baseball' these days. The manager is the deciding player, but in order to get the best results, he needs to reflect several opinions. The

club asks the club to'prevent the breath as much as possible.' I didn't talk about it, because

I was

also promised not to do that.

I first went and discussed it, and made a lot of consensus in the direction of development, such as making structural changes to the system."

Kiwoom is preparing for this season and has two big homework.

The first is the blank, the central batter Kim Ha-sung, who left for the US, and the second is the recruitment of a new foreign batter.

New coach Hong said he is not concerned about the gap in Kim Ha-sung.

“Our team had a lot of players leaked every year, such as Kang Jung-ho, Yuhan-jun, Son Seung-rak, and so on. It seems that each time there was a greater expectation that a new player would come out than worrying about the leak. It has actually been that way. Kim Ha-seong went to the United States, and this year. There are a lot of players who get free agency status after the season, but I always have the expectation that someone will come out and fill it up well.”

It is a position that recruiting foreign batters is not in a hurry.

“It is very important to recruit foreign batters to fill the gap in Kim Ha-sung's attack power. Rather than scouting because of time, I asked for them to come only in time for the opening day on April 4. I asked them to carefully

pick up a powerful clutch heater. I talked through conversation


Kiwoom is expected to be selected as a winner this year if he successfully fills the gap in the karate and recruits high-quality foreign batters.

Coach Wonki Hong also set the goal of'Winning the Korean Series' as the first season of his debut.


I emphasized



"Even in a difficult situation last year, we had a fight for No. 1 with the NC until the end. In the second half of the year, the mound power declined and the squad was shaken by external aspects, but we have shown our potential. In the situation analyzed so far,

this season's'+8' has been achieved. I

think the

key is how to fill it in. If I fill in

that part through each part's meeting, I think I can achieve my goal. I promise my fans that I will play until the end at Gocheok Dome and I really want to do that."

While finishing the PS'Locker Room S'coach Wonki Hong, the club's press release about the new coaching staff arrived.

Coach Chang-Hyun Kim, who served as the QC coach and coach last year, became the chief coach.

Director Won-ki Hong revealed the reason for the appointment, "He worked as a power analyst for a long time and has accumulated various experiences. I decided that these experiences would be helpful to me and the team, so I entrusted him to the senior coach."

(Photo = Courtesy of Kiwoom Heroes, Yonhap News)