Sweden faced the toughest opposition so far in the World Cup when it was time for the European Championship finalist Slovenia.

Already after 35 seconds, Linus Persson encountered a patrol when he was floored.

The images of the 27-year-old, who fell heavily on the back of his head, were nasty but he continued to play.

Persson made a good effort and three goals before the halftime break when he hinted that the blow had taken very badly.

- I still have a headache.

I will check with the doctor, he said on TV6.

After the break, when Sweden led 15-14, Persson did not return to play.

Former national team captain Kristjan Andrésson was not impressed with how it all was handled.

- I think we are quite amateurish here.

There are other sports where head injuries are examined by an independent doctor, he says in TV6.

Sweden's doctor Daniel Jerrhag is in quarantine after testing positive for covid-19 earlier during the championship.

- We do not know more about him.

Now he gets treatment from the doctor on video calls and the physiotherapists in the locker room, says Daniel Vandor.

The match ended 28-28.