The All Japan Judo Federation said that it would be difficult to hold a qualifying round to decide the players to participate in the tournament in areas where an emergency declaration has been issued for the men's and women's all-Japan championships scheduled to be held in April. I decided to postpone it.

The men's all-Japan championship and the women's all-Japan women's championship, which decides the best judo in Japan by weight indiscriminately, are held in April every year, but last year both were postponed to December due to the influence of the new coronavirus and held without spectators. it was done.

The All Japan Judo Federation and Kodokan, which host the tournament, held a discussion on the executive committee of the tournament on the 22nd, and as a result, in areas where a state of emergency has been declared due to the spread of the new coronavirus, qualifying to decide the players to participate in the tournament. We decided to postpone this tournament after October because it is difficult to hold it.

We are planning to consider the venue of the tournament in the future.

The representatives of the 14 classes of men and women in judo at the Tokyo Olympics have already been decided, and this tournament is not subject to representative selection.