Having come back from behind, Louis Burton can now win the Vendée Globe.



January 22 newspaper

The grand final of the Vendée Globe is approaching and we still do not know who will win the ocean race nonstop and without assistance.

They are still seven to be able to play the win.

Among the favorites are frontman Charlie Dalin and January Man of the Month Louis Burton, whose western positioning is starting to pay off.

He comes back like a bullet on Apivia and the provisional first place should not escape him this weekend.

Boris Herrmann is in ambush 60 miles away.

It's not much, and it is even more so if we take into account his six hours of bonuses at the finish line.

Since we are talking about bonuses, Yannick Bestaven is also perfectly in the game, 140 miles from the lead but ten hours of additional margin at Sables d'Olonne.

As for Jean Le Cam and his 16 hours of bonuses, he is 300 miles away.

It can still aspire to a good comeback if it negotiates the last maneuvers well.

The classification at 9 a.m.

1) Charlie Dalin, 1.881 nm from the finish

2) Louis Burton, 16 nm from the leader

3) Boris Hermmann, at 58 nm

4) Thomas Rettant, at 104 nm

5) Damien Seguin, at 113 nm

Armel Tripon, what a comeback!

He will certainly not play for the win because he started from too far, but his climb up the Atlantic is nonetheless admirable: Armel Tripon, current 11th in the Vendée Globe, has completely detached himself from Clarisse Cremer, who has been let down more. 400 miles and is now aiming for the top 10. 180 miles ahead, Maxime Sorel has some concerns.

It is sailing a little slower than its hunter and the weather in the Azores should favor a leveling off this weekend.

“I was a little embarrassed by the Doldrums, explains Sorel, on the other hand Armel did not even know what it was, he passed the flower with a gun, he was successful… J I would have liked to keep this 10th place but he is coming back strong.

We are therefore heading towards a duel for 10th place before the finish in Les Sables.

Attanasio cuts the vacation

Small ball for Romain Attanasio, who missed the session with the race director this Friday after a difficult night south of the equator where he had grains… to grind.

Good news, however, for the skipper on Pure - Best Western, his coasts are “a little better”, ten days after his incident off South America.


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