Al-Ahly youth and Sharjah are in today's struggle for the Hand Cup title

Sharjah has a greater chance to win the Emirates Cup.

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Al-Nasr club hall, at 5 pm today, will host the final match between Sharjah and Shabab Al-Ahly in the final round of the "Emirates Cup" for handball, the first tournament of the current season.

According to the tournament system, this role witnessed a triple competition for the title, the first and second rounds of which resulted in the victory of "the king" over Al-Ain, "32-19", then the loss of Al-Ahly youth from Al-Ain by an administrative decision by the Hand Union, due to the illegal involvement of a player Despite winning the match 29-22.

There are three scenarios for winning the title, the first of which is Sharjah crowned a victory or a draw, which will make Al Ain second and Al-Ahly youth third.

Shabab Al-Ahly will be crowned if they win by 15 goals, and Sharjah will be runners-up, while if Shabab Al-Ahly wins with less than 11 goals, they will crown Sharjah and Al Ain will be second.

The final rounds of the centers will be held today from the fourth to the last, where Al Wasl and his guest Al Jazeera, Bani Yas and Maliha will meet, and Al Wahda will meet Al Dhafra.

3 scenarios for defining a hero:

1- The victory of Sharjah or its draw with Shabab Al-Ahly announces the coronation of "the king", and Al-Ain becomes second and "Dubai knights" third.

2- Shabab Al-Ahly will win the title if they win more than 15 goals, and Sharjah becomes runners-up.

3- If Shabab Al-Ahly wins with less than 15 goals, the title will go to Sharjah.

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