Behind Cologne lies a successful final game.

Against FC Schalke 04 they recorded a 2-1 success.

In the first leg, a goal made all the difference.

At that time, TSG had won 3-2.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim's home balance sheet can be expanded.

Only eight points were taken from eight home games.

If you have the home team as your opponent, you can expect a tough game.

The team has already received 38 yellow cards this season.

In the defense of Sebastian Hoeneß's team, it's not at all true: they've already conceded 30 goals this season.

The previous yield from Hoffenheim: five wins, four draws and eight defeats.

In the last time things went pretty well for TSG - seven points from the last five games are the earnings.

The FC record after 17 encounters consists of three successes, six draws and eight bankruptcies.

In the last five appearances, the team from the Rhine achieved only one victory.


The tabular difference is small, the two teams are only separated by four points.

Formally, the guest in the game against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is not the favorite.

Nevertheless, 1. FC Köln expects chances on one point or the other.

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