Against SSV Jahn Regensburg they received a 1: 3 defeat.

On Saturday, Bochum put 1. FC Nürnberg 3-1 in their place.

Evidence for the mixed home performance of SV Sandhausen are eleven points from eight games.

A lack of aggressiveness does not seem to be the problem with the hosts, as the card balance (45-0-1) of previous games shows.

17:34 - the goal difference of coach Michael Schiele's team speaks a more than clear language.

In the last five games Sandhausen managed only one victory.

If you have VfL as your opponent, you can expect a tough game.

The team has already received 36 yellow cards this season.

The old football adage applies to the guests that attacking wins games, defense wins championships.

With just 16 goals conceded, Coach Thomas Reis's team is the best defense in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The results of the last games are rock solid - VfL Bochum scored twelve points from the last five games.


In view of the vulnerability of its back team, the SVS should go into the game against Bochum with stomach ache.

Will the game end as clearly as the table suggests?

SV Sandhausen currently only manages 15th place with 14 points, while VfL has 18 points more and is second.

With ten wins, VfL Bochum was just as successful as Sandhausen lost this season.

This should also make it clear who wants to set the tone in this game.

This game will certainly not be an easy task for the SVS, as Bochum collected 18 points more from previous games.

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