Cristiano Ronaldo breaks

  Chinanews Client, January 21st. In the early morning of the 21st Beijing time, the Italian Super Cup final ended. Serie A giants Juventus defeated Naples 2:0 and successfully won the championship trophy.

In the second half, Ronaldo broke the deadlock.

With this goal, he has scored 760 goals in adult-level official matches (including the national team) in his career, and enjoys the first place in the history of adult-level official matches.

  After the game started, Naples took the lead in creating a threat.

Lozano rushed to the top and was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Soon after, Cristiano Ronaldo intercepted the ball from the left and cut into the penalty area and shot wide of the goal post.

  In the second half, he changed sides to fight again, and Ronaldo broke the deadlock in the 64th minute.

Bernardeschi took a corner kick from the left, Lozano nodded in front of the ball to make a clearance, Cristiano Ronaldo inserted from the diagonally behind and scored a volley.

The data given by the Juventus club after the game showed that this was Ronaldo’s 760th goal in a professional adult-level official game (including the national team), enjoying the first place in history.

  The game continued and Juventus escaped in the 80th minute.

McKenney knocked down Mertens in the penalty area. The referee went to the sidelines to watch VAR and then called a penalty kick, but Insigne shot wide of the left goal post.

  In the 5th minute of stoppage time, Artur launched a counterattack in the backcourt, Morata passed the ball in midfield, Quadrado broke into the penalty area to the right, and Morata scored after receiving the ball.

Juventus secured the victory 2:0 and won the 9th Italian Super Cup in team history.