On Tuesday, she won the European Cup.

On Wednesday, she started the World Cup with a victory in the giant slalom which was followed up with another victory in the same branch on Thursday.

20-year-old Ebba Årsjö is reaping great success and has already touched on her two World Cup victories from last season.

Today she won before the Russian Varvara Voronchikhina and the German Anna-Maria Reideri in Swiss Veysonnaz.

- It was difficult courses today.

It was really challenging, the speed was quite high.

But I succeeded quite well anyway, she says SVT Sport.

Ebba Årsjö and the other riders have a tough schedule ahead of them.

On Friday and Saturday, slalom awaits and then the ongoing tour ends with speed disciplines.

- When you are away for so long, you have to take it easy when you are not competing.

Especially me who has pain all the time and poor blood flow.

When the others are out running, I do relaxation and yoga, she says.

Årsjö, who switched to parasport in 2019, was born with a muscle reduction in his right leg.

CLIP: Ebba Årsjö aims for the Paralympics (5/1)

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Ebba Årsjö aims for the Paralympics Photo: SVT