JT Brown, 30, has represented Tampa Bay, Anaheim and Minnesota and has a World Cup with the United States while Perron, 24, comes from AHL games.

Brown got a lot of attention in the fall of 2017 when he was the first NHL player to protest during the national anthem, by raising a clenched fist.

"I had a choice.

I could shut up and play hockey, or I could do something that was so loud that the whole hockey industry would hear me, ”he wrote last summer in a column on the NHL's website.

Björklöven investigated for match-fixing

After starting the season with ten straight wins, the Umeå team has had it tougher with uneven play.

The club was even the subject of an investigation into a leg match after a big loss at home against Mora before Christmas.

Björklöven is third in the series, a full 20 points behind league leader Timrå.

CLIP: First player not to kneel - hear him explain why (1/8 2020)

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Orlando Magic's Jonathan Isaac chose not to participate in the Black Lives Matter protest.

Photo: TT