It was in the morning before the 10-kilometer race in Val di Fiemme that Frida Karlsson drove chins in the hotel room.

But the door frame where she hung gave way - and Karlsson fell right to the floor.

She injured a muscle attachment and had a heavy bleeding in a buttock.

Despite this, she chose to run three more stages - before she was forced to throw in the towel.

"I think I could just as easily have broken when it happened"

With the result in hand, do you regret that you drove three stages in the tour after the injury?

You drove with a lot of pain.

- Yes, now that I still broke the tour, you might think that I could just as easily have broken when it happened.

It became a bit "I drive today, I drive through and hope it's better tomorrow."

It was always that you lived on hope.

And do it five competitions in a row, you don't get anything out of it, says Karlsson.

But she still does not believe that the decision to continue driving significantly affected the injury situation.

- Sure, the healing process may have been a bit delayed but I do not think it has made the injury so much worse.

When SVT Sport has a chat with Frida Karlsson, it has been just over two weeks since she injured herself.

And it was only today that she was able to run an interval workout on snow again after the "chins incident".

- It's good.

Rehab has gone on a roll, I would say.

I drove my first speed pass on snow today, so I feel very positive.

How was that fit?

- It felt good, no inhibitions at all.

It feels very good right now.

So you do not feel anything about this unfortunate injury?

- No, you have had to take it a little gradually.

It has gone very well, I notice that the tensions drop and release more and more and it felt good this morning.

"I imagined it would be worse"

She has had to make some changes in the structure before the World Cup, for example there will be no competitions in Lahti next weekend.

But Karlsson had expected the road back to be much tougher.

- So it almost feels like it has gone better than I expected.

I had still imagined that it would be worse when I was in Val di Fiemme and had the pain I had.

Have you done any more chins?

- No, I save a little on them.

There may be a door frame in Falun.

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