The NFL season so far, as always, has presented numerous exciting plays. Despite the disruption earlier this year, which has made this NFL season a unique one, each team appears to be putting on a strong show. But as always, from the reputable to the rookies, some players perform better than others. For insight into some of the best picks for the season so far, read on.

Daily fantasy football plays host to swarms of players wanting to create the best teams to compete in cash games and tournaments in hopes of winning big. In the US, DFS is one of the fastest-growing gambling activities, with fantasy football sports giants such as DraftKings attracting new players every week.

Part and parcel of being a great DFS player is creating strategies to work by and, of course, keeping up to date how players are performing in the NFL. 

Here are five to consider adopting on your team and improving your lineup's success this season. 

DK Metcalf - Seattle Seahawks 

So far in the NFL season, DK Metcalf has proved himself and transformed into a deep threat on the field. 

Moreover, he has become quarterback Russell Wilson's go-to receiver. For example, week 5 demonstrated the chemistry between the two on-field. Metcalf strategically received Russells deep pass on fourth and again on 10. 

With an incredible play, DK Metcalf kept the Seahawks in the ranks to win. Then, later on, DK secured a touchdown rush on both fourth and goal. This is just one of many occurrences in the season so far; DK has proved to be a top contender among receivers and a top pick for fantasy football teams.

Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford, a quarterback for the Detroit Lions, has recently put in an exceptional performance, making him a top pick for daily fantasy sports players. 

In the first few weeks, in the absence of Kenny Golladay, the quarterback won just 17.1 fantasy points in the first two weeks. However, on Keny G's return in the following two weeks, Stafford managed to put up 18.5 and 21.3 points. 

As a mark of the player's often reliable performance, veteran quarterback Stafford has thrown a touchdown pass against each team in the NFL - bar the Lions. In total, 265 touchdown passes across his entire career.

Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints

While running back, Alvin Kamar experienced an ankle injury in the 2019 season; he's now fully recovered and has hit the ground running since the NFL began. 

The pro bowler is one of the Saints' top players. And according to NBC and ESPN, he has been pinpointed as one of the top 5 players in the NFL.

Providing Kamara doesn't get injured; Kamara is a shifty running back worth drafting onto your fantasy sports team.

For instance, against Buccaneers, and their new QB Brady, Alvin, for 51 yards, caught three passes and a touchdown, which boosted his team to win 34-23. 

And although the Saints lost to the Raiders, Alvin's performance was indisputable as he secured two rushing touchdowns. Not to mention the first touchdown the Legion Stadium in LasVegas had ever seen.

Henry Ruggs III - Las Vegas Raiders

Henry Ruggs missed a few games because of an injury, but on the occasions he has been present, such as week 5, Ruggs, the rookie, has shown what a weapon he is for Las Vegas Raiders. 

For instance, he achieved 72 out of 163 deep yards in one game alone. Plus, the wide receiver caught an impressive long touchdown pass from Quarterback Derek Carr. 

Henry Ruggs is a great athlete with a very high running speed on the field. His athleticism makes the other team's defenses wary of his presence. After all, Henry has achieved 163 of 177 receiving yards on deep targets alone. 

Ruggs is a spectacular route runner and one to watch out for this season, as well as one to draft on your fantasy team if you haven't already.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - Miami Dolphins

For high value at a low price, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a top fantasy sports pick. Giving players more money left over to invest in other players across the field. 

Fitzpatrick, believe it or not, ranks 6 in the NFL concerning fantasy points from a QB. 

While, his first week was rocky, with a loss against the Patriots. His performance has picked up since, with 24 points put up every week. 

Moreover, in SanFrancisco, Ryan put up 30.6 points! This is the highest recorded score by any of the quarterbacks in week 5 - except Patrick Mahomes. 

Tips For Choosing Fantasy Football Players

The players you draft should be determined by a few factors. These are; whether you choose cash games or tournaments, your strategies for each game, intel on each player, and your budget. 

The above provides a mix of players from across the league based on their performance this season. And their potential to either provide a consistent play or exceed expectations. 

Before deciding what players to choose, remember while mainstream players are best for cash games. For tournaments, choosing rookies like Henry Ruggs will help set your team apart and give you a better chance of winning big!