The black and blue jerseys with the distinctive vertical stripes are legendary.

After all, stars like Ronaldo (the real one), Javier Zanetti, Guiseppe Baresi or Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the colors of Inter Milan have appeared.

The famous coat of arms with the intertwined initials of the club, which is actually called Football Club Internazionale Milano, was always emblazoned on her chest.

This has been the case since 1908.

The Lombards are the only Serie A team that has never been relegated.

But now the basic values ​​of the Nerazzurri are to be shaken.

As reported by several Italian media, the current second in the table will change his name and coat of arms.

New logo for Inter


Because while Inter is convincing on the pitch, things are obviously getting out of hand behind the scenes.

The financial situation in Milan is therefore extremely tense.

The Chinese owner group therefore wants to make the club more attractive to new investors.

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Probably on March 9th, the 113th birthday of the club, Inter wants to introduce a completely new logo in a big campaign according to the "Gazzetta dello Sport".

The traditional coat of arms, which co-founder Giorgio Muggiani designed in 1908 and which has only been changed minimally since then, has to give way to a dark blue I on a dark blue M against a black background.

The Milanese are taking the same path as Juventus Turin 2017. The club around Cristiano Ronaldo also buried its iconic coat of arms for a stylized "JT".

Like the Turin team, Inter apparently hopes this revolutionary step will make it more attractive to sponsors worldwide.

Inter Milano is to become the official name


A new shirt sponsor is already ready.

After 25 years, the Italian tire brand Pirelli is about to be replaced and is to be replaced by the Chinese real estate company Evergrande.

The deal is intended to generate additional income.

In addition, those responsible even want to change the name of the association.

In many places the northern Italians are already known under the name Inter Milano.

This shortened version is now also to become the official club name.

An article in the newspaper “La Repubblica” contradicts this idea.

The plans alone are likely to cause widespread rejection among die-hard Tifosi.

However, according to the Italian media, there are serious financial problems behind the marketing offensive, which were exacerbated by the corona pandemic.

Apparently, the highly indebted club - insiders speak of 280 million euros - did not pay its players and coaches any salaries in at least November and December.

In addition, Real Madrid is said to have been asked to defer payment at an installment for the ex-Dortmund Achraf Hakimi.

No salaries paid for months


The “Gazzetta dello Sport” even writes that no salaries were paid for four months.

Alessandro Antonello, responsible for finances, and sports director Giuseppe Marotta have assured the players that the wages for July and August will be paid by February 16.

If the money has not reached the players' accounts by then, the Liga could even punish Inter with a point deduction.

Milan's footballers around Arturo Vidal have apparently been waiting for their salary for months

Source: dpa / Luca Bruno

In the past few months there have been rumors that the Chinese owner Suning Group wants to sell the Milan club;

The favorite is the European investment fund BC Partners Limited.

The club itself has not yet commented publicly on the reports.

What is certain, however, is that a completely redesigned Inter would also play in a new stadium.

Together with city rivals AC Milan, plans are underway for a new San Siro building worth 1.2 billion euros.

Last year the clubs received approval from the city to demolish the old stadium.