32-year-old Röthe and his partner Siv Emilie Lövvold have been discussing the birth and participation in the World Cup all autumn and winter.

In November, he said he would stay home and be present at the birth, but now he has changed.

- This is the best solution based on the conditions.

Emilie and I have talked a lot about this over the past week.

But I want to be able to keep up with both things, but it can be difficult now, says Röthe to VG and thinks about the strict Norwegian quarantine rules which means that he must be isolated for eight days when returning to Norway.

Lives near the hospital in Tönsberg

Röthe and her partner are now keeping their fingers crossed that the baby will arrive before leaving for Obertsdorf, where the championship will begin on 23 February or eight days after five miles, ie 15 March.

The plan is carefully thought out.

- I have incredibly nice in-laws who live very close to us, and the hospital is very close to Tönsberg, so we have made a good plan for how we will act if necessary, says Röthe, who has experience that dramatic events can occur during a championship.

Lose an uncle during the 2015 World Cup

Röthe won the five miles at home in Holmenkollen in 2015 and revealed when he lost an uncle during the Falun World Cup a couple of weeks earlier.

- I lost my uncle during the World Cup.

He meant an incredible deal to me and my venture.

It was in a way a small gesture to him that I won today, he told Norwegian TV2.

Röthe has had a good season with a podium place in the World Cup and a win in strong Norwegian competition.

He has the World Cup gold in skiathlon and relay to defend in Oberstdorf.