Mediapro is supposed to stop broadcasting French football from January 31, 2021. -


The hospital, charity, all that, all that… We learned from AFP on Monday that the Mediapro group, the diffuser / non-payer of Ligue 1 in the process of leaving the French market, proposed to the Football League professional (LFP) to continue broadcasting the meetings after January 31.

The Catalan company with Chinese funds, ousted by the LFP for lack of being able to honor its drafts, sent it a letter on Saturday in which it suggests that its Téléfoot channel continue broadcasting the meetings "at least until the end of the season ", according to this source interviewed by AFP, while the League, which has not yet found a broadcaster to recover the vacant TV rights, is facing the threat of" the black screen ", the hypothesis of matches not broadcast from early February.

M6 and TF1 propose to broadcast the matches in clear

According to the withdrawal agreement signed in December with Mediapro, the broadcasting of matches by Téléfoot could not extend beyond January 31, leaving the risk of non-broadcast matches in February, in particular the “classic”. OM-PSG of February 7.

This Mediapro initiative comes at a time of turmoil for French football and its broadcasters.

“Bolloré wants to show who has the advantage” for TV rights

- 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) January 13, 2021

The League has validated the principle of a call for tenders to reallocate its vacant rights, a procedure that may run until February.

And to ensure broadcasting in the meantime, several channels have expressed their interest: Canal +, via a “pay per view” process, but also M6 and TF1, free of charge, as well as , according to the press, the public group France Televisions.

In its proposal sent this weekend to the League, Mediapro also specified that it intended to transfer "all of its income to the League", after deduction of operational costs, according to a source familiar with the matter.

"This proposal can also cover the hypothesis of a partial call for tenders, where part of the meetings would not find a taker," said the same source.


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