At the All Japan Table Tennis Championships held in Osaka City, the semi-finals of men's and women's singles are held, and for women, Mima Ito, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, beats Hina Hayata who aimed for the second consecutive victory and advanced to the final I did.

The semi-finals of men's and women's singles were held on the 17th, the final day of the All Japan Championship.

Of these, Ito, who is aiming to win the championship for the first time in two years, played against the same 20-year-old Hayada who won last year in the semifinals for the third consecutive year.

Ito dropped the first game, but in the second and third games, he returned the bang of Hayada in the strengthened rally and scored points, and took these two games.

After this, he suffered from the slow-moving attack of Hayada and dropped two games in a row.

In the 6th game, which had no leftovers, he took 11 to 8 by breaking down with his own serve and accumulating points, and the game was the same as last year, and the final 7th game was entangled.

This game was also a competition, but Ito scored 11-8 by scoring 3 consecutive points, such as returning Hayada's bang and scoring in the 8-8 game.

Ito won the game count 4 to 3 in a come-from-behind victory and beat Hayada to advance to the final.

Kasumi Ishikawa, who is aiming to win the championship for the first time in five years, played against Miyuu Kihara, a first-year high school student who won second place in the adult tournament.

After taking three games first, Ishikawa was pushed by Kihara's strong backhand and dropped two games in a row.

Still, the sixth game was a calm match and I took it 11-6.

Ishikawa won the game count 4 to 2 and advanced to the final for the second consecutive year.

In the final, Ito and Ishikawa, the unofficial players of the Tokyo Olympics, met each other.

Morizono and Oikawa finals aiming for first victory for both boys

On the other hand, in the men's singles, Masataka Morizono and Mizuki Oikawa, both aiming for the first victory, won the semi-finals and decided to advance to the finals.

Mima Ito "It was my own table tennis"

Mima Ito, who decided to advance to the final in the women's singles, said about the semi-final with Hina Hayata, "I think it was a match that we enjoyed until the end and we were able to show each other the goodness that we can play now. Especially the final game I think it was my own table tennis because I was able to take the plunge and calmly return it. "

And for the final with Kasumi Ishikawa, he said, "I want to enjoy playing in my own way, so I want to get out of that point first. I want to enjoy winning."

Hina Hayata "I'm sorry but I've done it"

Hina Hayata looked back on the semi-finals that were entangled until the final game and said, "Through the seven games, we continued to see the good points of each other, and I realized that we were improving each other's level compared to when we played against Ito last year. But it was a match that seemed to be done. "

On top of that, "I was able to play such a match with Ito, who is producing results in the world, and I clearly understood the part where I can be confident and the part where I still have to train. I want to make use of the experience of this match in the future." I was talking.

Miyuu Kihara "I think I can win next time"

Miyuu Kihara, who lost to Kasumi Ishikawa in the semi-finals, said, "Because I have never won, I tried to show my full potential, but I couldn't keep pace in the first three games. If I could adjust it a little earlier, I might have had a chance to win. "

On top of that, "I'm now focusing on the content rather than the result, and today's content is better than when I fought Ishikawa last time. I think that Ishikawa's ability is gradually approaching. I think I can win next time. "