• Transfer.Harden, to the Nets with Durant and Irving

The first thing that caught the attention of James Harden in his debut with the Nets after the resounding transfer that this week has taken him from Houston to Brooklyn, was his figure.

As if on the way he had dropped the extra kilos with which he alarmed in his last game with the Rockets.

Later, as if he had been with Kevin Durant for years -

Kyrie Irving did not appear

- he developed with ease to add his first triumph in his new home.

Harden added his first triple-double with the Nets, who wore a retro suit.

A spectacular night:

32 points, 14 assists and 12 rebounds

that accompanied the 42 points of Kevin Durant, his best record in Brooklyn, for the victory against the Magic (122-115) of Nikola Vucevic (34 points and 10 rebounds).

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