Having come back from behind, Louis Burton can now win the Vendée Globe.



Sunday January 17th

The permanent Dalin-Burton crossover

Never, never, never has the Vendée Globe been so close.

In the early hours, we published a brief to tell you how Charlie Dalin had taken the lead in the race ahead of Louis Burton for a few nautical miles.

Without forgetting that behind, it also grows: Boris Herrmann is in ambush and Thomas Rettant not far behind either, just in front of the one who was leader for almost a month, Yannick Bestaven.

All these beautiful people also crossed the Equator yesterday afternoon, here is the head of the fleet in the northern hemisphere.

Classification : 

1. Charlie Dalin, Apivia

2. Louis Burton, Bureau Vallée 2, 6 miles

3. Boris Herrmann, Seaexplorer, Yacht club de Monaco, 14 miles

4. Thomas Rettant, LinkedOut, 34 miles

It's hot on the Vendée Globe route!

This might be the only time you'd rather be on a Vendée boat than at home.

While temperatures are permanently close to zero in France, Vendée skippers can take a t-shirt ride on their boat - well, at least for those off Brazil.

“Recife is for midday, but it's very hot: in the middle of the night, it is 28 ° C, and yesterday during the day, it was over 32 ° C,”, testifies Maxime Sorel.

A beautiful sunset seen from the Atlantic

Because the Vendée Globe isn't just about racing, it's also about beautiful images, poetry and the beauty of the planet.

The Battle of the Sunsets!

🌅 @ RomainAttanasio or @ThomasRtant, which photo do you prefer?

📸 pic.twitter.com/hHlL657MxQ

- Vendée Globe (@VendeeGlobe) January 17, 2021

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