The first place of sumo wrestling is the 8th day of Chunichi.

Daieishō Hayato of the flat curtain beat Kagayaki and decided to win only one person.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ For Kotonowaka, the ten Daiamami are close to Daiamami.

▽ Ichinojo is pushed out by Toyoyama.

▽ The sea of ​​Sada is sent out by the sea of ​​Sada to Terutsuyoshi.

▽ Shimanoumi is close to Midorifuji, the new opening.

▽ Hoshoryu is close to Aoiyama.

▽ Myogiryu won the sky sea by scooping.

▽ Mt. Kiriba sent Kotoeko to Mt. Kiriba.

▽ Akisei is close to Akiseyama.

Akiseyama suffered a second loss.

▽ Tokushoryu is withdrawn by Shosaru.

▽ Abu Saki pushes out Takarafuji to Abu Saki.

▽ Ryuden throws Hokutofuji well.

▽ In front of Daieishō Hayato, Daieishō took the lead and won the middle day.

▽ Kotoshoho Koyasu Takayasu is good at throwing Takayasu.

Kotoshoho lost.

▽ Terunofuji Haruo is a good thrower at Okinoumi Ayumi.

▽ Tochinoshin won the victory of Takanosho Sekiwake by pushing out the victory of Takanosho.

▽ Ozeki Takakeisho won by Tamawashi by sending out.

Takakeishō is the 6th loss.

▽ Asanoyama extrudes Ozeki Asanoyama, who is the corner number of Endo.

▽ Similarly, Ozeki Masayo, who is also a corner number, was won by Mitakeumi Hisashi.

Masayo suffered a second loss.