"Khabib does not want to delay the development of the division"

UFC President Dana White's announcement that Khabib Nurmagomedov might return to the Octagon was perhaps the main event of the weekend in mixed martial arts and overshadowed even the spectacular fight between Max Holloway and Calvin Catter.

Already at the press conference, the head of the promotion spoke a little more about the course of negotiations with the Russian and stressed that the reigning lightweight champion would not attend the UFC257 tournament, in which the fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier would take place. 

“Khabib will not be there.

On Wednesday, he will act as Umar Nurmagomedov's second, and then fly to Las Vegas.

I will fly there later, and in a week we will talk again.

We must make a decision.

Khabib says that he does not want to delay the development of the division, ”quotes the R-Sport functionary.

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- Ali Abdelaziz (@ AliAbdelaziz00) January 16, 2021

Meanwhile, Nurmamegodov himself is absorbed in preparing his cousin Umar for a fight with Sergei Morozov, which will take place as part of the UFC Fight Night tournament on January 20.

"Everything goes according to plan.

On January 20, Umar Nurmagomedov should please.

All the hard workouts are over, we just have to make the weight, but for now we are going ahead of the schedule, ”Khabib wrote on his Instagram.

The current UFC fighters reacted rather ambiguously to the possible return of the Russian.

So, the Brazilian Charles Oliveira, also performing in the lightweight category, challenged the native of Dagestan. 

“Thank you, Khabib.

With all due respect, I have shown what I am capable of and am ready to challenge you for gold.


Hope to see you soon, ”Oliveira wrote on Twitter.

But the American Nate Diaz noted an insulting post. 

"Money is what drives the fighters"

In Russia, the reaction to the possible return of Nurmagomedov to the octagon also turned out to be ambiguous.

For example, former MMA fighter Oleg Taktarov ridiculed the previous words of the UFC champion about the desire to end his career.

“I, he says, left.

I didn’t perform for a year and a half, but then I left.

Read my old interviews, I said everything there, what and how it will be, moreover, immediately.

We have already gone through all this.

The money was different.

All this was passed by me and the guys several times.

There is nothing to talk about, nothing new is happening, ”Sport24 quotes Taktarov. 

In turn, another well-known domestic fighter Sergei Kharitonov, on the contrary, stressed that Khabib would do the right thing if he decided to fight again.

“Each person has his own life, and everyone acts in this life as he wants.

They talk about Khabib, everyone is discussing his possible return.

I think he will come back and do the right thing.

It's hard for me to say who will be the main rival for him, I follow the heavyweights.

Probably McGregor ", - quotes the athlete" Sport-Express ".

Kamil Hajiyev, president of the Fight Nights Global promotion company, suggested that if a Russian goes to the octagon again, it will only be for a lot of money.

In his opinion, White is quite willing to pay them.

“These should be numbers that are clearly higher than those that were before.

$ 100 million?

Anything can be.

White is a businessman, he will count.

If he can pay so much to Khabib, and even Conor, and at the same time earn, then everything is possible.

And he, for sure, can earn more, ”the functionary suggested.

According to Hajiyev, Nurmagomedov may be interested in a fight with McGregor or a fight with Georges Saint-Pierre. 

“The Canadian hasn’t entered the Octagon for three years, but he keeps in shape, he is a disciplined athlete.

The fight with him will be relevant ... This fight should take place in Las Vegas in a convenient time slot for North America, then pay-per-view will be sold in larger quantities ... Khabib will return because he was bored.

And the fight with Saint-Pierre is a duel for the sake of heritage.

Defeating Saint-Pierre is very cool.

He had defeats, but not so many, ”Hajiyev added.

Russian MMA fighter Vyacheslav Vasilevsky also spoke about financial motivation.

The athlete believes that White made Nurmagomedov an offer that is difficult to refuse. 

“It's all business.

Perhaps White offered him conditions that were difficult to refuse.

Khabib is a man, subject to emotions.

And then with a cool head he can think over, change his mind.

Money is paramount, what drives fighters and their decisions.

Everything can be interrupted by money ", - quotes the words of Vasilevsky" Championship ".

Champion of the "Brave" organization and close friend of Nurmagomedov Eldar Eldarov stressed that the Irishman, despite all his loud statements, did not deserve revenge. 

“As for Saint-Pierre, the fight can take place in the intermediate weight category of 75 kg.

If Khabib wants to carry out a super fight and renounces the title, this fight will take place.

In lightweight, this is not possible.

Khabib will make an informed decision that will be comfortable for him.

We will support him, ”the TASS athlete quotes.

In turn, the famous fighter Jeff Monson, who himself recently announced his retirement, on the contrary, stressed that Khabib, when deciding to return, will definitely not be guided by the sum of zeros in the contract.

“I think the UFC and White really want him to go back to the octagon and fight again.

Knowing Khabib, I'm sure it's not about money.

He has already earned a lot, he has everything he needs, ”the American noted. 

According to him, in principle, it is difficult for any fighter to end his career and stop fighting.  

“I know that his father died, and Khabib promised his mother not to fight anymore.

But it's hard for a fighter to resist coming back when he has such a background.

It seems to me that Khabib really wants to be surprised, challenged and forced to return to the octagon.

Therefore, I really believe in such an outcome of events, ”added Monson.

"Surely, Khabib talked to his mother, and she approved this decision"

The State Duma also spoke about the possible return of Nurmagomedov.

Deputy Dmitry Svishchev, a member of the Committee for Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, stressed that the resumption of his career by Khabib will delight his fans.

"It's a good news.

Khabib is still young.

If he has the desire and ability, then why not return?

He has a huge number of fans who are waiting for his return and hope for his victories.

All of Russia and even the whole world is watching and waiting for the return of Nurmagomedov.

This will give the UFC a powerful new intrigue.

If he comes back, he will fight exclusively with the main stars.

We are looking forward to the news of our return, ”the deputy said.

Another State Duma deputy, former world boxing champion Nikolai Valuev, rather took the position of Taktarov.

He admitted that initially he was "skeptical" about the statement of a native of Dagestan about the desire to hang gloves on a nail.

“Can Khabib not keep his word?

How many people perform, so many will be satisfied and dissatisfied.

This has nothing to do with the sports part, but rather with the promotion and promotion.

Kept his word or did not keep his word ... Any newsmaker will tell you that it is great for publicity.

Now talk has begun that maybe he will return ... This "maybe" a month will last.

Be philosophical, "- said Valuev.

Another ex-boxing champion Konstantin Tszyu remembered how Khabib explained his desire to leave the sport with a promise given to his mother.

Tszyu suggested that Nurmagomedov talked to her at home and she approved of his return.

“If he said that he could return, it means that there were some motives.

I fulfilled my promise to my mother and never entered the ring again and will not come out.

I do not know why Khabib allowed a return, you need to hear the motives of what is happening.

He is still young, he probably feels that he can continue.

Nobody can judge him.

Surely, he talked to my mother, and she approved of it.

Khabib has the right to make whatever decision he wants, ”the ex-world champion stressed.

And the former head coach of Lokomotiv and the Russian national football team, Yuri Semin, did not see anything unusual in what happened and recalled the singers, who also often announce their departure from the stage, but then continue to perform.

“Nurmagomedov is a young man, he is full of strength.

I think Khabib took a break from all the stress.

It is likely that he decided to change his decision to end his career ... Many people think about everything and resume it.

I wish Khabib success if he still decides to return.

I think he will continue to seek all the titles.

Maybe he has some special goal, ”the specialist explained.